Station Tour

My station consists of the following:

Station 1 – Elecraft K3 + Alpha 76CA
Station 2 – Elecraft K3 + Ameritron AL-1500
Logging software WriteLog by W5XD
HamPlus AS-82 for antenna selection

K5ZD operating position

K5ZD operating position

Tower 1 – 100′ Rohn 45G
160m elevated GP
80m inverted vee
Cushcraft 40-2CD at 110′
Hygain 205CA at 100’/50′ in upper/lower/both stack
Hygain 155CA at 66’/33′ in upper/lower/both stack

Tower 2 – 90′ Rohn 25G
LTA 6-el 10m at 90′ rotary
Cushcraft 10-4 at 60′ fixed NE
Cushcraft 10-4 at 30′ fixed NE
(All of above can be combined through WX0B StackMatch.)
40m Sloper toward West
80m wire 4 square hanging from ropes off tower
Tower shunt fed on 160m.

Tower 3 – 38′ Rohn 25G
Hygain TH7DXX at 40′ rotary
5-ele 6m at 46′