Presentation to PACC Award Ceremony Sep 2013

In July 2013 I was approached by Steef, PA3S, to see if I would be interested in handing out the awards for the PACC Contest during the HF meeting in September. I am open for anything that promotes contesting. I asked for the opportunity to also do a presentation about the CQ World Wide DX Contest and he agreed.

We had originally planned to use Skype, but since I wanted to present some slides, we decided to use GoToMeeting. The GoToMeeting service was provided by the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF). They use this tool to provide webinars about contesting and DXing.

The presentation started at 7am my time on a Saturday morning, September 21, 2013. Using the GoToMeeting video capability, I could see the audience and they could also see me. This was a big help for answering questions and for handing out the awards.

The CQWW presentation was first.  You can view a recording made by Steef, PA3S, on YouTube below.

The PACC awards presentation was next. These were all of the awards won by various PA stations in each of the different categories. I think a big part of the entertainment was listening to me trying to pronounce Dutch names. You can view a recording of the awards presentations made Steef, PA3S, below.

It was a great morning of fun. There were a lot of nice comments afterwards from the audience. This demonstrates how we can use modern tools to help bring contesters together in new ways.

Thanks to Maarten, PD2R, Jan, PA1TT, and Steef, PA3S, for making it all possible.